Parenting in Place is a unique live masterclass series featuring prominent thought leaders in parenting, neuroscience, education, and well-being. The series initially came together in summer 2020 as nine weekly events in response to the challenges families were facing while quarantining, social distancing, and remote learning, and in an era of heightened racial strife. 
Due to the overwhelming success of the initial series, and requests from hundreds of parents and educators, we are thrilled to announce two new 8-week series. We are seeking sponsors for both of these series and would love to partner with you.


Past Speakers

Nefertiti Austin
Michele Borba, EdD
Tina Payne Bryson, LCSW, PhD
Christine Carter, PhD
Phyllis Fagell
Derrick Gay, EdD
Cornelius Minor
Rosetta Lee


Devorah Heitner, PhD
Katie Hurley, LCSW
Ned Johnson
Christine Koh, PhD
Jessica Lahey
Madeline Levine, PhD
Amber Coleman-Mortley
Laura Vanderkam
Mona Delahooke


Katherine Reynolds Lewis
Julie Lythcott-Haims, JD, MFA
Audrey Monke, MA
Deborah Reber, MA
Catherine Steiner, EdD
William Stixrud, PhD
Ana Homayoun
Tiffany Dufu



Past Sponsors Include


Because of the depth of expertise and unique range of topics presented through Parenting in Place, the series draws highly engaged parents, educators, therapists, and child development specialists alike. The majority of attendees are the parents (typically mothers) of one or more children between the ages of 3 and 20. While the series has a global reach, a majority of the registrants live in the United States. The series supports a private Facebook community for registrants, which has provided for ongoing community engagement and connection.

Praise from Past Attendees

Thank you! This series has been superb. It is making parenting feel much less alone at the moment. I’m also a teacher and have sat through/participated in SO much professional development over the years. What you’re offering is really the best of the best!

Speakers on topic and on point, no rambling, well-moderated, just enough polls to break things up, sufficient time for Q&A (not too little, not too much, efficiently done with moderator reviewing Q&As and compiling). Thank you!

I appreciated the high quality and authentic support for parents during these challenging times. Thank you also for the recordings as I had to and was able to watch some of them at a later time.

I love the community, the sense that I am not in this alone. It seriously was a major factor that got me through the tough months early in the pandemic. Please, please continue in the Fall!

I am enjoying this series enormously. Although I don’t have children of my own, I signed up as I work with children and their families as an executive function coach. I am always on the lookout for extra information and tips to pass on. Thank you; what a great community you have created!

This webinar is so valuable! Thank you so much……I’m a teacher and parent educator, which means I give, give, give. Sitting down in front of this every Wednesday is my opportunity to receive and recharge. Thanks!

I’ve really enjoyed the speakers sharing their wisdom with us and all of the bonus materials the series has provided for viewers to download. I’m still reading through all of the information!

I learned so much and truly enjoyed listening to all of these charismatic and energetic experts. THANK YOU for putting this together and allowing us to share in this amazing experience.

Summer Series Snapshot

Registrants: 5,000
Social Media Reach of Speakers: 367k (Twitter), 102k (Instagram), 185k (Facebook)

Winter 2021 SERIES

The 8-week Winter series will run Wednesday evenings beginning February 17 and ending April 6, 2021. The series includes seven weeks of programmed events, and a Town Hall event featuring multiple speakers for the final week.


Winter Speakers


Winter Schedule


WEEK 1 / FEBRUARY 17: A Conversation on Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Anxiety
Donald Grant Jr. And Debbie Reber will discuss mindfulness strategies for managing parental stress and anxiety, self-care, and supporting our mental health.

WEEK 2 / FEBRUARY 24: A Conversation on Raising Resilient Kids
Madeline Levine and Michele Borba will offer proven traits to safeguard our kids for what lies ahead, including how to teach kids how to cope today so they can thrive tomorrow.        

WEEK 3 / MARCH 3: A Conversation on Motivation, Stress, and Screens
Janine Halloran and Katherine Reynolds Lewis will talk about how to recognize when something’s not working and adapt, and offer suggestions for using routines and rhythms to deal with stress.

WEEK 4 / MARCH 10: A Conversation on Sex and Gender
Courtney Macavinta and Ignacio Rivera will discuss sex education and talking to kids about puberty, raising and supporting queer kids and allies, and how to have open dialogue with our kids.

WEEK 5 / MARCH 17: A Conversation on on Raising Ethical Children
Catherine Steiner-Adair and Howard Stevenson will share guidance on talking to kids about race and equipping them to be anti-racist, both for BIPOC children and white kids.

WEEK 6 / MARCH 24: A Conversation on Teenagers
Christine Carter and Ned Johnson will talk about how to work with your teens (and preteens and young adults) rather than on them so they can fulfill their greatest potential.

WEEK 7 / MARCH 31: A Conversation on Big Kid Issues
Jessica Lahey and Julie Lythcott-Haims will discuss how to send our kids off into the world with all the skills they need to be resilient, motivated, and independent.

WEEK 8 / APRIL 6: Town Hall
The last week of the series will be a virtual, moderated Town Hall featuring a number of our speakers responding to the most pressing concerns and questions from the Parenting in Place community. Moderator and speakers to be announced soon.


Title Sponsorship

We are offering 8 TITLE SPONSORS for the Fall 2020 Series. Title Sponsors receive the following:

  • Headline logo at head of webinar
  • 30-Second sponsorship mention at beginning of webinar by host
  • 15-second sponsorship mention at close of webinar by host
  • Logo, link, blurb, and thank you on day-of and day-after emails for the sponsored webinar
  • Logo included in registration email
  • Featured logo with blurb on Sponsor page of website


Investment: $5,000

Supporting Sponsors

We are offering a limited number of Supporting Sponsors, who receive:

  • Logo and link on Sponsor page of website
  • Logo and link on bottom of all series’ webpages
  • Logo included in registration email

Supporting sponsors must commit to the following:

  • One solo email to list prior to start of series (minimum of 10k list size)
  • Weekly social media shares for each event (minimum combined social media reach of 25k)

Investment: $500

Interested in being a sponsor? Please email Katherine Reynolds Lewis at Katherine@KatherineRLewis.com

Parenting in Place is a unique live masterclass series featuring prominent thought leaders in parenting, neuroscience, education, and well-being. The series initially came together in summer 2020 in response to the challenges families were facing while quarantining, social distancing, and remote learning, and in an era of heightened racial strife. Read more here.