In early March 2020, a group of parenting authors coalesced with a goal of sharing support, insights, and career advice about speaking to schools, parents, corporations, organizations, and mental health groups. Shortly after our first meeting, the speaking circuit shut down due to COVID-19, bringing all our travel to a crashing halt and forcing us to pivot in our work. Our bi-monthly call turned from a networking group into a lifeline for emotional support and making sense of the impact the coronavirus pandemic would have on children and families. From those conversations, the Parenting in Place masterclass series emerged.

Since we announced the masterclass, we’ve received the critique that all but two of our members are white. This critique is valid. The entire genre of “parenting” has been critiqued for being very white, and rightly so. Some of us were not aware of the problematic lack of diversity in our group until it was brought to our attention – which speaks to the privilege of whiteness in not having to notice and be concerned about such things – while our authors of color were aware and were sitting with the discomfort of it. This lack of diversity in our group is an inadequacy we are committed to solving, for you and for ourselves.

We’ve also heard from other parenting authors who want to be included in our group and in the masterclass. We are honored that they feel ours is a group worth joining. Yet in light of our concerns about amplifying diverse voices we need to be very intentional and thoughtful about how we change and grow.

We thank you for your interest in the masterclass and our work. We are committed to better serving all parents by offering a diverse set of perspectives.


10% of the proceeds for the Masterclass will be donated to several charities to support Covid-19 and social justice related work.