When you register for the Parenting in Place Masterclass Series, you’ll receive a bundle of free content from our presenters and more, including:

  • Unselfie Parent Discussion Guide PDF:  Michele Borba
  • Unselfie Educator Discussion Guide PDF:  Michele Borba
  • Empathy Education // Why the Other Side of the Report Counts PDF: Michele Borba
  • The Power of Showing Up Refrigerator Sheet PDF: Tina Payne Bryson
  • The Whole Brain Child Refrigerator Sheet PDF: Tina Payne Bryson
  • How to Help Teens Deal with Stress Ebook: Christine Carter
  • Thriving, Not Surviving: 6 Ways to Reclaim Joy in Motherhood: Whitney Casares
  • Developmental Iceberg / Attributions of Behavior: Mona Delahooke
  • Middle School Matters Parenting Educator Discussion Guides: Phyllis Fagell
  • Parenting Pre-Teens in a Quarantine: Equal Parts podcast episode with Phyllis Fagell
  • Parenting Middle School Kids in the Pandemic: Your Teen Magazine for Parents recorded webinar featuring Phyllis Fagell
  • To Thrive in Middle School and Beyond: Video of keynote speech with Phyllis Fagell with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
  • Navigating the Middle School Years: Equal Parts podcast episode with Phyllis Fagell
  • Create Coping Skills Champions at Home – Family Activity Book: Janine Halloran
  • Dozen Tips on Raising Kids in the Digital Age PDF: Devorah Heitner
  • Tips for Surviving Remote School PDF: Devorah Heitner
  • Feelings Faces Chart PDF: Katie Hurley
  • Top Tips for Parents / Insights from the Self-Drive Child PDF: Ned Johnson & William Stixrud
  • The Gift of Failure Book Discussion Questions PDF: Jessica Lahey
  • What Kind of Parent Are You? Learn About Your Parenting Style PDF: Katherine Reynolds Lewis
  • Ready for Adulthood Checklist PDF: Audrey Monke
  • Strategies for Family Fun and Connection During Challenging Times: Audrey Monke
  • Happy Campers Key Ideas: Audrey Monke
  • Happy Campers / 9 Secrets: Audrey Monke
  • Difficult Situations Cheat Sheet PDF: Debbie Reber
  • Templates, Planners & Contracts for Differently Wired Kids PDFs: Debbie Reber



Parenting in Place is a unique live masterclass series featuring prominent thought leaders in parenting, neuroscience, education, and well-being. The series initially came together in summer 2020 in response to the challenges families were facing while quarantining, social distancing, and remote learning, and in an era of heightened racial strife. Read more here.